Bigarette & Co.

About Us

Bigarette & Co. is a trusted Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of quality certified tobacco products. We deal in Herbal Flavored Cigarettes, Herbal Pheromone Cigarettes, Herbal Cigarette Mixture, Tobacco Bidi, Tobacco Filter Bidi, Tobacco Flavored Bidi, Tobacco Herbal Bidi, Tobacco Premium Bidi, Bidi Cones, Paper Bidi Cones, Leaf Bidi Cones, Unfilter Bidi Cones, Nicotine Free Tobacco, Herbal Blend Tobacco, Shisha Tobacco Paste, Dokha Economy Starter Kit, and much more. The products, which we offer, are renowned as a unique blend of Pheromones. It is a re-branded name of “Tobacco House”, a company founded in the year 1948. It is counted as one of the leading Bidi Companies, which is engaged in growing tobacco and is the only Manufacturer of Organic Blended Tobacco Products in India. All of our Herbal Smoking Products (Cigarettes) are blended from certified, tested and approved herbs, characterized by consumer-oriented policy, advanced technology and a high standard of quality. Due to this, we have established a position as leader among all the other Herbal Smoking brands available in the market. Our Organic Blended Smoking products unfold Herbal Smoking Miracles and at same time help to maintain a healthy life even if the smokers wish to continue smoking.

The brands, in which we deal, are universally recognized and are considered to be legendary due to their excellent quality. Our sincere workmanship for making available products, packed in customized packages, that provide a unique experience of organic blended smoking has helped us to maintain our goodwill not only in India but worldwide, specifically in countries like Europe, South America, African countries, Middle East, Afghanistan and Russia etc.

Bigarette & Co. is a credible Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of a wide range of tobacco products such as Herbal Flavored Cigarettes, Herbal Pheromone Cigarettes, Herbal Cigarette Mixture, Tobacco Bidi, Tobacco Filter Bidi, Tobacco Flavored Bidi, Tobacco Herbal Bidi, etc. The company came into existence in the year 1948 and is located at Rampur (Uttar Pradesh). Led by a visionary CEO, Mr. Ali Rich, holding an MBA qualification and a working experience of 23 long years, the company has spread its business worldwide. Moreover, it is backed by a dedicated team of 300 employees, which is committed towards making available superior quality Herbal Cigarettes to the clients.

Our Aim :
We operate with an aim to offer the products to best serve the mankind by saving them from health and wealth disappointments. The products, which we serve, are helpful for the smokers due to the fact that even if they wish to continue smoking this substitute is a ‘Harmless Smoke’. In very short time, the Black Swan Herbal Smoke has attained huge success, not only in India but worldwide, because of its unique blending especially, unique pheromone blending, quality and workmanship with rich pleasure of smoking.

Message From CEO :
We are glad that today our clients have come across with a unique choice of Herbal Smoking Product ‘Black Swan’. We have spent several years of continued research, test and effort to bring proven Herbal Smoke to the world, the first two blends ‘Black Swan – 999’ and ‘Just-ONE’ are super hits, i.e., the best-selling herbal smokes of the time, which have maintained their position as a top selling herbal smoke of the market.

Our Organic History - Born in Organic Nature :
We started way back on September 1999 with a sole aim to offer something unique i.e. tobacco and nicotine, which are purely herbal, with a basic objective to offer a miracle harmless smoke to each and every smoker in the world; so that they can get rid from killer tobacco smoking, and those who are suffering can maintain and recover their health by getting benefit of this innovative herbal smoking product.

Since our incorporation, we have made use of the best quality tobacco, which is the secret behind the unmatched quality of our products. The tobacco used by us, unknowingly were organic as in old days all means to grow tobacco were natural. After understanding the qualities of organically grown tobacco, we started concentrating on only organic tobacco. Due to the secret formula of organic tobacco, we have grown manifold and have emerged as a leading Manufacturer of Organic blended smoking products. Moreover, we introduced organic tobacco in those days when people were rarely aware with the word ‘organic’.

Due to our founder’s qualitative vision to provide the best blending in our quality products, today we are reckoned as a leading Manufacturer of the best organic blended smoking products. The secret of our success is the qualitative organic vision of our founder’s organic tobacco and it’s blending. Today, we are the largest and the only Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of organically blended smoking products in India.

Innovative Bigarettes :
We are the name behind introducing revolutionary cost effective slow burning mini cigars, which are offered in herbal wrappers, which is not homogenized or tobacco leaf. Moreover, it is purely natural unprocessed leaf, technically hand rolled and air tightened without the use of any adhesives.

We are engaged in offering quality products under several brand names in different markets. The need to change was felt 63 years ago when a huge gap was realized between cigarettes. The need of such products was felt by the young generation to fill the gap. After a deep research, an innovative product was created and introduced, branded as Bigarettes. It is termed as a unique and innovative choice of smokers that is ideal for all occasions. It is an extract of the best kept centuries old secret composition of Rare Organic Tobacco.

Known For :
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Pleasurable experience
  • Being less harmful
  • Much better then cigarette smoking

Our USP - Organic Blending
We have attained proficiency in our art of blending named Organic Blending. The quality of blending, we do, give a pleasant natural aroma and taste to the products and allow even burning. Being an experienced tobacconist, our art of blending is committed towards creating a good balance between the various essential characteristics. Our USP lies in the fact that each brand of cigarettes has its own specific blend. The grown-Rich unique Organic tobacco is one of our best kept secrets and is our USP. It is a known fact that organic tobacco is very rare and the most expensive to grow, but we make efficient use of the same due to the fact that it gives a different aroma, taste and a very unique smoking pleasure. Moreover, it is much less harmful than the other conventional tobacco.

Bigarette’s Organic Quality
Leveraging on the fact that organic tobacco, we provide, is safe and best in terms of quality, it is being widely accepted with respect to our organic quality and blending in our brands.

Here is what makes the Organic Blended Tobacco Products, we offer, a preferred choice :
  • No awful tobacco smell
  • A non-irritating smoke
  • Smooth smoking
  • Less harmful
  • Better smoking pleasure
  • Minimizes health risk
  • Cost effective

Certified Organic Tobacco
We strongly believe in the natural organic blending process and hence, use unprocessed raw tobacco, which is certified and grown in a true organic process (pesticide and chemical-free) under supervision on each and every step and certified by the organic inspection bodies. Being “Certified Organic" means that the tobacco has undergone extensive tests based on different criteria. One of such requirement is that the land must be free of pesticides and chemicals for at least three years prior to the first sowing date. Further, the farmer must grow tobacco without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Moreover, the fertilizers used on the product and field must be natural. Organic Tobacco is simple to grow and is a more expensive and difficult process but, on the other hand it provides a unique smoking pleasure and is less harmful. The researchers from the Central Tobacco Research Institute (CTRI) near Mysore claim that organically grown tobacco contains fewer harmful substances than its conventional peer.

Quality Control
We are committed towards making available the finest quality products. In fact, it is our vision to be more focused on the qualitative aspect rather than quantitative. In support of the vision, we have maintained a comprehensive research and analysis wing, which comprises experienced team members, that is formed in groups headquartered at our head office. The team is responsible for all quality control measures, blending and its uniformity (separate professional team of connoisseurs and testers is appointed to keep control on the quality of blending). This measure assists us to offer a diverse range of quality smoking brands. Our quality control vision also help us to retain a credible position as the India's most reputed smoking product manufacturer.


Name of CEO Mr. Ali Rich
Year of Establishment 1948
Nature of Business Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier
Number of Employees 300
Market Covered Worldwide