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Herbal Smoke And Tobacco Smoke : A Comparison

After knowing the real facts about âwhat a tobacco smoking offersâ huge number of smokers started adopting alternate ways to avoid tobacco cigarette smoking due to series of health hazards. A series of herbal smoking benefits have been experienced and summarized in benefits of herbal smoke as stated below: Herbal Smoking Benefits Smoking has been enjoyed for thousands of years as a social, traditional and ceremonial activity, considered to be a relaxing and enjoyable, although knowing that tobacco smoking is very harmful. Fact is that Smoking is nothing but a costless pleasure and ego-satisfaction, posturing with the cigaretteâs feeling in between the lips and the fingers - We simply smoke âjust for nothing or just for Pleasureâ, slowly the style and pleasure becomes an addiction due to Tobaccoâs nasty Nicotine. Black Swan Herbal smoke allows the person to enjoy healthy better smoking pleasure without the hazardous effects of Tobacco and much better than Tobacco Smoking. Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Herbal Smoke
  • A throat cleaner and acts as an expectorant
  • No Oral bad breath/smell, no tooth stains and tooth decay
  • No awful tobaccos smell as tobacco cigarette, because of Aromatic and pure herbs
  • Long-lasting pleasant smell, smooth smoking without irritating smoke
  • Induces a sense of well-being and helps concentrate mind due to its herbal contents
  • A better smoking pleasure and cut off the hazards of tobacco smoking
  • Maintain and restore health by stimulating the bodyâs natural ability to heal it-self
  • Supports immune system and stimulate body to detoxifying action and act as antioxidant
  • Provides resistance against tobacco smoking effects
  • Its origin is accompanied by careful handwork and blending is a result of knowledge and principles of one of the most ancient therapeutic methods in the world, Unani and Ayurveda
  • Herbal smoke is mixture of pure, potent, non- hazardous and non-toxic herbs
  • Smoking mixture is of energetic, antiseptic and antibacterial herbs
  • Herbal smoking is pleasurable and better than tobacco smoking
  • Real rejuvenator and helps body's defense mechanism to fight against diseases
  • Herbal smoke is eco-friendly as on burning the herbal smoking sticks, aromatic smoke spreads in the air which helps to purify the surrounding and destroy harmful substances
  • Inhaling same smoke, through blood circulation, acts same inside the body
  • Herbal Smoke is 100% free from tobacco, nicotine & other harmful chemicals
  • Better substitute and the best alternate of tobacco smoking
  • Bidies are without paper - hence avoiding carbon monoxides of cigarette paper
  • Safe to smoke and not harmful for passive smokers
  • Cost effective and more than that it is health cost effective
  • Alternate of tobacco smoking and help to quit smoking
Due to series of health benefits, the demand of Black Swan Herbal Smoke is increasing day by day not only in India but worldwide, even now doctors, physicians, health practitioners and various research institutes worldwide agree and recommending this product as alternate of tobacco smoking and quote really âBlack Swan is invented smoke and âRe- defining the Smokeâ